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Change log


  • Russian version. Thanks to lunaticare!
  • Bug fixing

3.2 and 3.1

  • bug fixing for dialog windows


  • New interface in home page
  • ActionBar for pre-ICS devices
  • Priority button when adding in home page
  • Some crashes fixed
  • Some bugs fixed
  • XHDPI icons


  • Special characters now allowed (for example è, é, Ä, ã)
  • New graphics for Task display (Add and Edit)
  • Online check while adding or editing a Task
  • List is automatically selected when task is added while watching that list
  • Improved graphics
  • Recurrence option improved
  • Some bugs fixed


  • Recurrence options can be edited
  • Archived list are no longer shown


  • Notes: can be added, deleted and edited and layout is improved
  • Participants information added (cannot be edited)
  • Repeat and due date buttons appear in quick add mode in home
  • Smartlists are not shown in autocomplete in quick add in home
  • Weekday is shown in date dialog header
  • Vote hint is now working after one week
  • Better and faster notification of changed, deleted and added tasks (Parcelable implemented)


  • Task can be browsed OFFLINE (but not SmartList)
  • “Empty” indication is shown if tag/list/location have no tasks
  • “Recently completed” specials shows completion date instead of due date
  • Vote hint after one week (only once)
  • Number of completed tasks is shown in button
  • “(Default)” list indication is shown crearly and only when a task must be added


  • Fixed incorrect order of elements in folders (now is alphabetical)
  • User dictionary is present in Quick Add mode
  • “(Default)” list indication is shown crearly and only when a task must be added


  • Fixed bugs in Edit Folder view and when synching in Folder view


  • Some Bug fixed
  • Strings improved
  • overdue tasks are in bold and underlined, today tasks only in bold
  • folders can now correctly modified
  • “No folder” is moved in specials
  • Folders are shown in alphabetical order
  • Overview activity is now correctly working (chowing all tasks in the proper list)>
  • Lists and Locations are stored differently (if you see no lists or locations please perform a manual synch)
  • Due date and repeat for added task is correctly working


  • First issue
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